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The early years
My first bike
My first bike was a '73 Honda CB-550 Four.
Soon I started shedding the racks and
fairings and adding sport compound tires
and a 4 into 1 Kerker pipe.
* Leadwing.
Bike two was a lot bigger a '76 Gold Wing
Limited Edition. Cafe bars, another 4 into 1
sticky tires and a go fast style meant I
scraping the engine bars in all the corners.
* CB900F
Finally the first bike new from the showroom.
A Honda '81 CB900F with factory rearsets and
Bol d'Or fairing. I added a fork brace, some
Moriwaki bits and a custom Mike Velasco header.
Unfortunately a drunk hairdresser, Mary Ann Wells,
hit me me while I was at a stop light in Raleigh.
* Interceptor.
I bought a brand new interceptor, since there
were no more CB900F's to be had. I had this
bike for about 4 months when an idiot made a
left turn from the center lane without
looking. Scratch one bike and rider.
* GPz 1100.
Picked up a used Kawasaki GPz 1100, the
first of 5 of these bikes I'd own.
* Raleigh Cafe Association.
During this time a small crowd of go-fast
crazies had started riding on Sundays. We
became the Raleigh Cafe Association. * Every Sunday at the Breakfast House.
After the ride every Sunday we all went to the
Breakfast House on Hillsborough Street. Usually
we had a crowd of 20 bikes on the ride.
* Sidewalk
A little sidewalk riding at NCSU. Yes
you can motocross a street bike if you
are a competent rider.

Eddie Lawson Replica
One day I found a real Eddie Lawson Replica
z1000R at a local dealer! What a wonderful
bike! I rode this one for several years and
then got an offer from a collector in Japan.
He made it well worthwhile to sell.
Kawasaki Kz1000 Police Special.
So in the daytime I rode a Kawasaki Kz1000
Police Special and in my free time I had a
very cool z1000R.
* RCA at NCSU.
And everyweekend the bikers of the RCA
went somewhere interesting. Here we are
riding the sidewalks of NCSU.
The license pate says it all; CAFE.
* Some of the guys.
Some of the guys during a break out by
Falls Lake on a ride. R-L: Gary, Bill, John,
Hide, Mark and Ed.
* The Rock.
We rented Rockingham Raceway on several
occasions. Gene and I were the ringleaders.
Here I'm about to get passed just after
the infield hairpin turn.
* Poseur at the Rock.
Poseur at the Rock, of course nobody
looks bad riding on the track!


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to ZRx1100
My ZRx600R Ninja, incredibly fast and
precise. Wonderful bike but the
riding position was a little extreme.
* Valkyrie
Just before I moved to Texas I fell in with
a bad crowd that liked to ride slow lazy bikes.
I bought a Valkyrie, great bike, it could even
go fast and stop short. But it was a fuel hog
and made lots of sparks when leaned over
while cornering.
* CB750
I also found an old Honda CB750 in great
condition. I sold the Valkyrie and the CB
to raise money for my airplane project.
Leaving me moto-less for the first time
in 30 years!
* Libelula
In 2006 I just had to have a bike, I found
a good used Kawasaki ZRx1100. This bike is
the inheritor of the ELR mantle. Amazing
all around performer, accelerates, corners
brakes and handles like a race bike.
* Libe mods.
Libelula, Dragonfly as she's known has
been modded over the years: SS brake lines,
fork brace, sliders, K&N pods, Dynojet stage
III jet kit, battery relocation, and a shortened
exhaust can. Performs flawlessly.
* Libe bags
Recently I added a Corbin seat and Corbin
Beetle bags to make the commutes easier.
* 1940 BMW R-71 Luftwaffe bike
The latest addition to the motorcycle
family is a 1940 BMW R-71 Luftwaffe bike
and sidecar.
* 1940 BMW R-71 Luftwaffe bike
Really nice old bike. It sure turns some
heads in traffic!

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